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Based in Carroll, Iowa, Artworks Studio offers art experiences and products for everyone! Whether you are visiting the Artworks Studio’s store in Carroll, signing up for an art class, booking a party, scheduling a private class, or exploring our creative kits, we can’t wait to share our passion for art with you. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for all the happenings!

Coloring outside the lines is encouraged at Artworks Studio. We have created a sanctuary for creative people to keep their artistic side alive by offering a variety of experiences for people of all ages and skill levels.

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Hi, I’m Laura!

Since 1982, Artworks Studio, in one form or another, has been a part of the creative community in Carroll, Iowa.  I embarked on a life-long passion for art when as a young child, my mother gave me a set of coloring markers and then drew a house that looked like a house.  After that secret was revealed, there was no stopping me in my quest to create and sharing my knowledge and skills with others.

Artworks Studio is where I create my original works in all types of media.  The Making Space is where I share my years of experience with you!

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Who We Serve

Artworks Studio is a working art studio, making space, and retail store in Carroll, Iowa serving the creative needs of Western Iowa.

 In the Making Space we hold classes for people of all skill levels.  

Artworks Studio’s store carries a wonderful variety of art supplies and papers, plus, odds & ends for upcycle or mixed media projects for creative people who are looking for quality art supplies. Our staff is knowledgeable about all the supplies we carry with first-hand experience. If we don’t have what you need we are happy to help you find it!

Our Gallery Space is full of hand crafted and unique pieces that are made right here in Iowa by Laura, two of her sisters, her daughter, and some of her friends. Our Carroll store features paintings, sculptures, pottery, soaps, jewelry, fused and stained glass, all occasion cards, and mosaics created exclusively for the Artworks Studio Gallery.

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Visit Artworks Studio in Carroll for art supplies and unique gifts.

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Book a class in the The Making Space

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