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About Us

Laura Comito is the heart and soul of Artworks Studio. Since 1982, Artworks Studio, in one form or another, has been a part of Laura and the creative community in Carroll, Iowa.  Laura embarked on a life-long passion for art when as a young child, her mother gave her a set of coloring markers and then drew a house that looked like a house.  After that secret was revealed, there was no stopping Laura in her quest to create.  Artworks Studio is where Laura creates her original works in all types of media.


In 2000, Laura’s younger sister, Cecelia, was a frustrated lawyer in Chicago looking for more creative outlets.  Laura encouraged her to take a basic drawing class and bought Cecelia her first Moleskin sketchbook.  Cecelia studied drawing, watercolor, mixed media, and fused glass, while continuing to work as an attorney in Chicago and Washington, D.C.  In 2017, Cecelia moved back to Iowa to join Laura at Artworks Studio, where she explores various media, including painting, sketching, fused glass, and mixed media.  She considers herself a recovering attorney and has been retired from the practice of law since September 2018.