Cecelia Comito Paintings

My Art

I am a mixed media artist who lives and paints in Iowa.  Although I spent most of my adult life in large urban cities (Philadelphia, Chicago, and Washington, DC), my art reflects my experience of growing up in a large Italian-American family in a small western Iowa town during the 1970s and early 1980s.  My art features themes of family, food, and growing up in a small town.

Mixed media is about embracing the journey that is creating art.  In my paintings, I use old book pages, abstract books, recipe cards, magazines, receipts, sewing patterns, maps, newspapers, and other items rescued from the landfill.  I make papers by printing on papers with acrylic paint or watercolor.  Papers are torn and layered on the canvas or cradleboard until it looks and feels right.

Cecelia Comito