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Art Explorations - Kindergarten-2nd Grade

The primary goal of Art Explorations is to help students develop improved skills in art with fun introductions to basic principles of art, color theory, and material handling. Every year is a little different with the same goal in mind: For students to have fun with art while learning the basics through many media.

Mixed Media & More -- 5th Grade and Older

Mixed Media & More will focus on developing art projects that include layers and depth and allow students to develop advanced skills in various art media. We will be working on more than one project at a time to give our projects time to dry and develop. We should end up with at least four major projects and several intermediate projects by the end of March. Techniques and skills that we will work on include printing papers, watercolor, gelatos, mixed media crayons, graphite, sharpies, surface prep, layouts and design, cutting, gluing , embedding an image layers, and more layers, grunging, sanding, and painting.

Sep 24
Mixed Media Art Club - Adults
Sep 24
Our House Mixed Media Workshop
Sep 25
Art Explorations - 3rd & 4th Grades

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